ETIC Investment Club

Welcome. Investment Club (also known as ETIC) is a club, based in the United Kingdom, which engages in private investments, mostly, in equities. The club meets once per month. Members have differing degrees of experience. About half the membership is new to shares. Making ETIC similar to an internship to observe, analyse, research stocks. The domain was gifted to the ETIC by Orion Stella Inc on the 25th November 2009.

ETIC was founded on 24th November 2009 and has been registered with Proshare since that date. Proshare is an independent, not-for-profit organisation founded in 1992 by HM Treasury, the London Stock Exchange and a consortium of major companies to promote responsible share based investment.

The club will utilise modern portfolio theory in selecting risky stocks. As such, its principal hedging tool will be diversification of high risk stocks either sector based or cross sector.

Due to financial services regulations we are limited to only 20 members. Our constitution makes this limit binding. The minimum monthly subscription is currently £25. To join the club a £2000 entry fee is required. We currently have spaces to fill so do not hesistate to contact us if you would like to join.